The Power Packed Banana


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3 Jun 2011
There are many foods out there that are given the title of being 'super foods', but there is one super food that always gets overlooked: Bananas. Bananas are an understated fruit in the grocery aisles; no one really understands how great they are for your health and the many benefits they have for your body. If you want to do more for yourself though, bananas are a cheap and easy way to start, so get to know the banana nutrition facts!

One of the most well known banana nutrition facts is their potassium content. Potassium is a muscle builder and has also been shown to help elevate depression and lower blood pressure. It also helps to greatly lower the risk of hypertension and stroke, protecting the heart from the dangers of the fatty food world we live in. Potassium is also something that many people are short on and so take expensive supplements for, but eat a banana instead; it's cheaper and of course there is far in them than just this one mineral! Banana nutrition starts with this great building block.

These yellow fruits are also high in Vitamin C which of course is used to build up immune systems and can help strengthen the eyes. Vitamin C is also used to help heal infections and help in the absorption of iron and the formation of blood cells. Banana nutrition also includes Vitamin B6 which helps the central nervous system and helps red blood cells function better.

If you are planning to lose weight, the banana holds another interesting feature. They are high in both simple sugars like sucrose and fructose and in dietary fibre. This means that you get the quick boost of energy from the simple sugars and then a longer, slower burn from the fibre. This means you can have more success losing weight because you get both the energy you need to exercise and the fibre to help you stay fuller longer. Bananas also satisfy the craving for sweet food that often strikes dieters hardest and makes it even more difficult to reach their goals.

Bananas can be used in a variety of things. They can be eaten raw of course, or sliced and put on things like oatmeal or yogurt. They can be mashed and eaten like that or used in banana muffins. Since bananas do have a fairly mild flavour that goes well with plenty of foods, they are easy to add to any meal and for a snack.

Of all of the foods you could add to your diet plans, do not overlook the meek and mild mannered banana! It is packed with vitamins and minerals that are otherwise easy to miss and can be a dieter's best friend. Have one with breakfast, have one with lunch, have one for a snack while exercising! It is a great fruit to add to your regime to lose weight, get more fit or just live a bit healthier.

By Edward Griss
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2 Jun 2011
I bought this Philippine banana for $1.80 at NTUC and within 2 days they turned slimy. Wtf!


btw there was this NTUC cashier who told me that if u splash water on the bananas, and let the skin dry on its own, it will speed up the riping process...


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1 Jun 2011
Placing a banana in a sealed paper bag together with an apple and tomato will speed up the ripening process too. The gases released from the these fruits assist the process.


i always try to down a few bananas before i lift iron. it gives me the energy boost i need.


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1 Jun 2011
One banana averages 100 cal, an excellent source of simple carbs. Many athletes consume bananans before and during sport meets