Tips for general fat loss

Glen TBG

11 Dec 2015
No nonsense rules for general fat loss:

1. Consume lesser calories by first, consuming the right types of food, and lesser quantity of food.
2. Do not skip meals - Portion control is key.
3. Move your body and exercise - full body movements recommended.
4. Stay consistent - If you stray from your workouts/diet, make sure it is done as sparingly as possible.
5. Keep track of progress - Measure your progress so that you know what kind of adjustments you need to make to your diet and/or your workouts.

Most laypeople do not understand what are the appropriate foods to eat or the exercise to do to effectively lose fat. Get advice from someone formally educated and knowledgeable in the field can be a very good idea.

Fitness professional (Certified in sports nutrition, exercise science, etc)