Top 3 Ways to Reduce Your Cholesterol


3 Feb 2013
Cholesterol is an important thing to monitor and reduce when it comes to longevity. High cholesterol means (simply) that your body has too much gunk in your arteries. That gunk can lead to heart attacks and stroke. It's a good thing that lowering your cholesterol through lifestyle changes and medication is possible.

Follow these three simple steps to increase your longevity and live longer. Reward yourself then with these fun ways to live longer.

1. Change Your Diet

Reduce the amount of fat that you eat in your diet. Avoid fatty meats, cheeses, and processed foods (especially fast food). You can do this simply by increasing the amount of vegetables and treating meat as a side dish. Avoid all the obvious fatty foods (like ice cream) and focus on eating lots and lots of fruits and vegetables.

2. Exercise

Exercise helps the body break down cholesterol. Work up a sweat at least three times a week for at least 30 minutes each time. You can do anything you want to work up a sweat - you don't have to go to the gym. Try speed walking, stair climbing or good old-fashioned jumping jacks.

3. Take Your Medication

There are a number of good anti-cholesterol medications. Ask your doctor about them, but always make lifestyle changes too -- your goal should be to live healthy and eventually not need the medication. And remember to take your medicine after you get it. A shocking number of people don't take medicine that could save your life. Work your medicine into your daily routine and don't skip any doses.