Top S'porean pastimes unveiled


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7 Jun 2011
The top three leisure activities among Singaporeans are eating, shopping and surfing the web.

A survey of more than 600 Singaporeans on their preferred leisure activities came up in this order.

More than two-thirds - or 68 per cent - cited food or dining-out as the top leisure activity in the MasterCard Survey on Consumer Purchasing.

Shopping was next with 65 per cent votes while surfing the web was third with 60 per cent.

Interest in languages and literature as well as learning crafts made the bottom of the list of preferred activities.

Only about a fifth -- or about 20 per cent -- of those who responded liked these.

In terms of preferred dining outlets, the food courts and hawker centres reigned supreme as the most popular.

About 90 per cent cited these as their top choice for eating out.

The survey said Singaporeans visit hawker centres and food courts an average of 16 times a month.

This is followed by fast-food restaurants and other quick-serve restaurants where they visit about seven times a month.

- CNA/wk



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4 Jun 2011
If you are not working and outside, you are pretty much shopping/window-shopping. If you are at home, you are pretty much fb/tv