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    NCSF - Certified Personal trainer
    WAKO - Certified Kickboxing Trainer
    ISA - Certified Strength Trainer
    CF - Certified Boxing Trainer
    TRX - Certified Group Suspension Trainer
    FHYSIO - Certified Basic Sport Massage
    ISA - Certified Special Population Trainer (Youth,Elderly and Pregnant)
    CPR + AED - Certified

    • Fat Loss
    • Muscle Building
    • Strength Training
    • TRX Suspension Training
    • Resistance Band Training
    • Circuit Training
    • HIIT Training
    • Endurance training
    • Functional training
    • Special Population
    • Group Training
    • Boxing/Kickboxing
    • Basic Sport Massage
    Experience personal trainer.

    I also had the exposure of training clients in a commercial and boutique gym before progressing independently as a Freelance Personal Trainer. Currently I'm working as a freelance trainer islandwide.

    If you are looking for assistance to realise your ideal physique or want to add a sustainable fitness regime to improve your overall health as I will be delight to offer my professional services.

    Service will be at clients Condo gym, Hotel gym and Home gym. Training plan will be set up and customize to achieve client fitness goals.

    Results Based:
    • Noticeable changes in improvement of personal strength
    • Improve mental health
    • Feel an increase in energy even when you are not training
    • Aesthetic, power, muscle gain and fat loss

    For further enquiry:
    Whatsapp/Text: +65 81434777
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