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Discussion in 'Gym Membership Singapore' started by omfgxy, 28 Aug 2019.

  1. omfgxy

    omfgxy New Member

    Short term ones only (up to Feb next year)
    Prefer True Fitness and Fitness First without transfer fees.

    PM me with remaining validity and price :)
  2. Sandra Hero

    Sandra Hero New Member

    Hi omfgxy,
    I have a 3 months Memberships at True Fitness Novena to transfer at 126/month
    Validity til December 2019
  3. Sandra Hero

    Sandra Hero New Member

    Hi will you be interested to take my membership valid til Feb 2020
  4. omfgxy

    omfgxy New Member

    Still interested in this, but True fitness only. Hit me up.
  5. raeka

    raeka Member

    I have True Fitness membership
    expiring Jan 2021
  6. omfgxy

    omfgxy New Member

    Prefer less than 1 year

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