Sold True Fitness - All Clubs - 18 months - Cheap membership (valid till 29 Feb 2016)


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8 Sep 2014
Gym: True Fitness - All Clubs - 18 months - Cheap
Membership valid till: 29 Feb 2016

1500 (Negotiable), Transfer Fee Will Be Borne By Me, No Admin Fee

Hi All,

I signed up a 2 year contract with True Fitness last year and due to unforeseen circumstances, i have to go back Indonesia and suspended my membership. I had used up 6 months of my contract and want to sell the remaining contract at cost.18 months for $1500 (Negotiable) and transfer fee will be borne by me. Last i checked with my agent, the price is now $2400 for 2 years contract (if i remember correctly). I will be willing to go to the outlet (parkway parade) for the transfer so you know i am a serious seller.

I can be contacted at for enquiry. I will reply as soon as i can.