True Fitness @ Djitsun Mall AMK (Group)


New Member
1 Jun 2014
Hey you there! :)

I'm new in the gym scene and am looking for interesting people to join me at the gym! I have a True Fitness membership @ Djitsun Mall AMK.

So, if you are a regular there, have friends there, or wanna make more friends, continue here in this thread and let's make this happen!

Just a bit about myself in case you think I'm some creepy lady. My name is Skyii, and am currently overweight, and I need to lose some of it because of health reasons. It's been really hard to get motivated to go to the gym and hence, why I am here looking out for like-minded folk. :D

I have to go to work after the gym, so I am looking to work out latest by 7am. After work, I might also return to the gym around 8-9pm. Would you be interested?

Write to me! I'm super excited to hear from you! ;)