WTS True Fitness Membership Transfer (valid till 14 Apr 2017)


New Member
30 Sep 2014
Gym: True Fitness Membership Transfer
Membership valid till: 14 Apr 2017

70 per month

If start 14 Oct 2014 (30 month remaining)

All club access

One off cash deal payment (If this is deal breaker, we can't go forward)

Transfer fee absorbed by me.

Unconsumed 2 personal training sessions + 5 bikram yoga passes.

Membership includes: Unlimited spin, yoga and aerobics classes, shower facilities, complimentary bath and face towel usage.

Note: This is an official transfer in which both parties need to complete paperwork at gym.

If fast deal, buyer can enjoy free extra 2 week access.

To secure, a token deposit is preferred.

Sms at 92994538.