Promotion True Fitness Membership (valid till 1 Feb 2018)

Fitness kaki

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18 Sep 2016
Gym: True Fitness Membership
Membership valid till: 1 Feb 2018

Monthly installment from as low as $65-$71 per month, payment via any local credit card.

This is an exclusive true fitness gym membership with tons of benefits that you are looking for. From as low as $65/month for a simple 36 months membership, you will be granted access to all 8 fitness clubs across the island with full memberships benefits like;

-Allocated members-only online class booking system
-Unlimited usage of gym facilities
-No limits of number of classes
-Classes conducted by LESMILL certified instructors
-Dedicated personal trainers to help you achieve your fitness goals in the shortest amount of time.
-2 x personal training sessions for free!
-A helpful and service-orientated consultant to serve you throughout your stay with us.

Like i said, all that, for as low as $65/month only! This offer only applies for PREPAID TERM memberships with payment via any Credit Cards.
If you think this offers interests you, all you have to do is to ring me up,drop me a msg, email or reply me here.

This offer is only for a limited time only so i'm sorry if you miss it.

Alright folks, as always, stay healthy and happy, that is what matters most in life isnt it? Cheers!

Brendan Lee