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Discussion in 'Gym Membership Singapore' started by paddlesup, 1 Jan 2015.

  1. paddlesup

    paddlesup Member

    Hi looking for True Fitness membership.
    Message if available. Thanks.
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  2. piu_piu

    piu_piu New Member

    Hi Paddlesup,

    I have 2 true fitness gym membership to let go. Valid till 22 Jun 2016. It is valid for all outlets!

    Do let me know if you are keen :)
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  3. Jaris Lim

    Jaris Lim Member

    I have to transfer my, started on the 11 Jan 2015 and its under suspension as I am injured..yup.. looking for a transfer.. its 42 mths membership.. text me at 93377804
  4. jocelyn

    jocelyn New Member

    Selling my membership, access to all true fitness outlets in SG

    $90 per month

    Membership valid from now till 19 March 2017
  5. ct0139

    ct0139 New Member

    Hi. I have lifetime membership. Sms 81217400
  6. Sarahdesouza

    Sarahdesouza New Member


    Im interested in your membership transfer. How do I contact you?
  7. h_saku10

    h_saku10 New Member


    I have True Fitness+Yoga all access membership valid till June 2018. Can let go at $60/mth. Would you be interested?
  8. Sarahdesouza

    Sarahdesouza New Member

    Im keen! Im away till 9 August. Can we discuss when Im back?

    In the meantime, will u be transferring the membership? Or will u be just giving the card?
  9. h_saku10

    h_saku10 New Member

    Hi Sarah,

    I'll be transferring the membership and will be bearing the transfer fees. :)
  10. Rayoz

    Rayoz Member

    Hi sarah

    I am interested. How do we transact?
  11. h_saku10

    h_saku10 New Member

    Can you contact me at 96430092? Thanks!
  12. Crazyval_1990

    Crazyval_1990 New Member

    2000 for 27 month
    Transfer fee paid by me
    My number is 91908660
    Immediate transfer available
  13. Joshua

    Joshua New Member

    Membership till 1 Sept 2017,minimum commit 12 months. Access all 8 clubs text me at 94314534.
  14. Andy lim

    Andy lim Member

    Call me at 82851252 I can give you cheaper membership
  15. Alvina Shultz

    Alvina Shultz New Member

    is this still available i m interested
  16. Wayne

    Wayne New Member

    This is Wayne here from TrueFitness,We having a promotion running till 28 Oct. start from 66 mthly average cost. whatsapp me at 83224821 if you keen to know more
  17. xavier truefitne

    xavier truefitne New Member

    Xavier from true fitness come n spoke to us to know more about promo Don miss the good promo that is going on right now
  18. xavier truefitne

    xavier truefitne New Member

    Interested in true fitness Membership? pls text or call me Xavier 98245222 we are having some good promo til month end
  19. Wxkk

    Wxkk New Member

    I'm Carissa. I'm looking for someone to take over my true fitness membership at $75/ month. All clubs access. Please contact me if you are keen:) valid till 2018 sept.

    JAYA CAHNDRA New Member

    Hi all , Want to sell 23 months true fitness membership @70 SGD (origanlly bought 130 ) you can start from 15 March .Looking for some urgent deal .Can negotiate.
    PM me @82879612

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