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Discussion in 'Gym Membership Singapore' started by Frank, 7 Jun 2015.

  1. Frank

    Frank New Member

    Reasonable offers only.

    PM me your best offer.
  2. Frank

    Frank New Member

    Validity period <= 2 Years
  3. kayla

    kayla New Member

    Hi ,

    I'm moving overseas and am looking to sell my True Fitness membership at a discounted price of 75 per month. I have about 10 months left until April next year. All clubs and yoga access. That would work out to be 750 incl transfer charges. Let me know.

    Many thanks,
  4. AGW

    AGW New Member

    Hi Frank,

    Have an all access membership for True Fitness valid from Jun till Feb 2016 (9 months).
    Great opportunity to try out for facilities for a shorter period compared to long term packages of more than 1 year.
    Usual price for 1 year package = $120/month
    Selling at $88 per month now.

    Message me to confirm. Cheers.
  5. true-fitness

    true-fitness New Member

    I have membership to all true Fitness branches. Valid till oct2016. Selling at $70 per month. Interested pls sms me at 978seven595eight.
  6. Joshua

    Joshua New Member

    Hi I have membership expire on 1 Sept 2017 , access all 8 clubs What's your best offer? Text me 94314534
  7. Annie

    Annie New Member


    Do u still have? I am interested.

    Best regards
  8. Joshua

    Joshua New Member

    Hi Annie are you interested in my membership?
  9. yoprincess

    yoprincess New Member

    Hi Yokina, is your membership still available?

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