Promotion True fitness sign up assistance


New Member
18 Jul 2016
I am not a gym consultant
Just a newly joined gym member of true fitness
I wont recommend if its not a good deal
The gym now has member referral program and i can get 1 month free up to 3 months for every new member i refer in
Term membership rates range from 65.50 to 71 per month including GST depending on duration signed. No matter which consultant from which branch the prices are ALL the SAME.

If i refer you i get one month free and in return ill pay you a small token
I have only one slot left

Tomorrow after my friend signs up he has 3 slots to refer again and hence a total of 4 slots available.

Lets save money tgt people. For those who want to join TF but no one to refer you in message me. I can intro you my consultant whom i find not bad so far. I signed alr and he is still responsive.

Disclaimer: i am in no way associated with true or the consultant. Just thought good referral program we should fully utilise it. Win win for all.

Message me 81456875 if interested!