WTS TRX Suspension Training Set (Pink Edition)

Angel J

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10 Jul 2015
- TRX Suspension Pink Family Edition at $79.80

Workout from Home with TRX equipment - OTOT (OWN TIME OWN TARGET)

Set your own target daily e.g. 30mins of High Intensity Interval Training to achieve optimal results. Set realistic goal daily to build your strength, flexibility, core stability and power. Remember to decide which muscle group you're training.

>>>Imagine how you'd like your body to look like, how different will it be? if that's something you want, you've to earn it right away.
(It takes time, think of it as a marathon, a lifestyle)

Specially picked for quality assurance.
Includes DVD for training guide.
Here's a sample 30mins Workout video on Youtube
*Credits to BodyFit By Amy on Youtube.

Start your workout today, stop procrastinating. Even the pros start somewhere!!
*Note OEM product, and quality assured*
Msg me at 8182 6583 for more info.

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