LOL TV Censored Movie Clips VS The Originals


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7 Jun 2011
There’s nothing better on a slow, boring Sunday afternoon then finding your favorite movie playing on TV. But after a while you realize why you stopped watching movies on TV. The commercials seem to come at the worst times, and the edits of the swear words, forget about it. This funny video from 2010 just went viral now, and it shows a bunch of TV censored versions of famous movies clips compared to the originals. Those editors sure are funny.



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8 Nov 2011
"I have had it with these Monkey Fighting Snakes on this Monday to Friday Plane!" rofl. Now that is just a travesty. That didn't even make one bit of sense! :rolleyes:

As for the last "Robocop" scene, I've actually heard a different dub where he goes "Once I even called him...something worse"

Its funny how the word "asshole" is now starting to be permissible on primetime tv. I'm sure in the near future, none of these swear words will need to be dubbed over.