Upgrade of GymKaki - August 2013


Staff member
1 Jun 2011
Many of you may have noticed changes on the site recently. Besides the numerous aesthetic improvements, here are some notable feature upgrades:
  • A complete overhaul of the text editor (the place where you reply to threads, conversations, etc). Besides loading faster (4x times faster than previous editor), you can now do things like drag and drop images and/or files into the editor area and it will be automatically added as attachments. Also, the new editor gives you the option of saving a draft of your post message.
  • Responsive design. GymKaki.com now adjusts it's layout in realtime according to the user's browser window size. Try surfing the site on a tablet or mobile phone.
  • User tagging. Type the @ sign in a message followed by a username. (eg. @sinful). The tagged user will be alerted that they have been mentioned in a post (unless they don't want to be alerted, you can disable that under your alert preferences) and the username will be turned into a link to their profile.