WTS Urgently WTS 3 Day Reboot Juice Cleanse (starts 1 - 3 Jan)


9 Apr 2014

I bought a 3 Day Juice Detox Package thinking of having myself a good detox after all the new year feasting.

Juice arrive today at 9am (1st Jan), finished my first juice for the day and about 45min later my body just rejected everything that I had drank.

Again had my 2nd Juice for the day... but got rejected again.

I guessed "juice cleansing" is not for everyone.

If anyone who tried and wanna cleanse again... please buy the rest from me.

I bought it for $275 (18 juices, free cooler bag and delivery) - from Daily Juice SG, it's called the 3 Days Reboot

Now I am letting go my balance 16 juices, cooler bag and free delivery at $130.

Juices all arrive today so super fresh! Hurry so I can deliver to you the soonest possible.

Please contact me at 86132990 for fast response.