WTS Vivafit (all women) (valid till 31 May 2015)

Bharti Bhargava

New Member
6 Nov 2014
Gym: Vivafit (all women)
Membership valid till: 31 May 2015


Hi Everyone

I am looking to transfer my membership at Vivafit (all Women Gym) due to work related changes because of which I am not being able to continue at Vivafit (http://www.vivafit.com.sg/).

Its a pretty decent gym and the best thing is that it has 30 minute classes in the afternoon which makes it a best fit for young professionals. Also, they have an all round trainer at the circuit. In Raffles, the gym is right next to the MRT exit A (Malacca Centre).

Let me know if you are interested (membership left until May next year - effective payment would be SGD$103.5/ month (else SGD138/month). I have paid the whole amount, so would request you to make the whole payment to me - SGD825 for eight months).