WTS Vivafit - Women's Only Gym - Membership (valid till 16 Nov 2015)

Sylvia A.

New Member
11 Jan 2015
Gym: Vivafit - Women's Only Gym - Membership
Membership valid till: 16 Nov 2015

$900 for 10 months (starting in Jan 17)
$855 for 9.5 months (starting in Feb 1)

Hi all, I have Vivafit membership for transfer. I cannot continue with my membership because of changes with my job. The membership is valid until November 2015.

I really like the gym and actually dreading leaving it, but my job change made it hard for me to continue. The gym is mainly located at CBD area so it's perfect for ladies who work at CBD. (I usually go to the Raffles Place location) Moreover, they emphasize on quick and effective workout, usually done by 30 minutes. Very good for the busy ladies!

Their other locations:
Tanjong Pagar
Beach Road
Marine Parade
Bukit Merah

I am currently paying $95 per month but I'm willing to let the membership go at $90 per month. This will give you unlimited access to the gym.

The total is then $90 x 10 months = $900 and you can start immediately as the renewal is the 17th of each month.

If you choose to start at beginning of February instead, you can pay for 9.5 months (so $90 x 9.5 = $855). I will absorb the transfer fee.

The membership is paid in full and I would expect that you will pay me in full.

Thanks and contact me if you have any questions!