Weight lifting and hiit workout buddy wanted !

Discussion in 'West' started by Sherie, 8 Jan 2018.

  1. Sherie

    Sherie Member


    I'm currently training with a pt at cck activesg gym. My last session will be this week. However, still find machines intimidating but I'm going to press on!

    I train in the morning, alternating weight training with hiit workout. Looking for a buddy to keep up the motivation!

    Please PM me if you're keen. I'm a lady in her 30s. :)
  2. YvonnePinkPink

    YvonnePinkPink New Member

    How much per lesson
  3. Tinat

    Tinat New Member

    Hi are you still looking for a workout buddy? :)
  4. Maya

    Maya New Member

    Hey, I’m keen. Flick me a message :)

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