where do u all order your supplements?


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10 May 2017
Dr Richard Swineburne, head of sports nutrition at the Singapore Sports Institute, SSI said that athletes in the city state increasingly benefitting from a range of non-dairy sources of protein.Vegetable protein have a complete protein profile and are wonderful solutions for athletes who are lactose intolerant or simply for those who dislike animal protein and prefer vegetable protein.

He said, at a food level, we are coming back to mother nature again. Many years ago, it was all about the clean and green image and then we go very synthetic again.

Moringa is 100% plant based, contains all the essential amino acids , in addition to the vitamins and minerals that beat all of its peers.

Please refer to our site; www.justmoringa.weebly.com and learn more about its benefits.

We carry 2 products to serve your needs - capsule and powder. Capsule comes handy and convenient when you are on the go, heading to meetings, traveling or simply prefer the capsules over the green powder.

Powder is wonderful to those who prefer to whip up their own smoothie, shake , sprinkle over their cereals, porridge, etc.

There are more than 300 research papers conducted on this wonderful plant, Moringa done thus far and its application has gone beyond supplements with global companies like Kellogg and Pepsi adopting it as a new ingredient. Cosmetic company has also realised its hair repair ability and have added moringa oil into their conditioner, shampoo, etc.

It is 100% plant based, with no added chemicals, additives, etc - totally natural and wholesome.

Moringa supplement is the supplement you need for your pre and post workout. Get one today !!!


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17 Jul 2017
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