Why do you want to quit smoking?


3 Feb 2013
What are the reasons behind your desire to quit smoking? Sit down with paper and pen, and list them out. Include every single thing you can think of, from the largest, most obvious of reasons, to the smallest.

I Quit Smoking Because:

· My own 26 year addiction turned me into a person I didn't much like.

· I was fearful that a smoking-related disease would catch up with me before I found a way to quit smoking. I was worried sick, so to speak.

· I hated the smoker's cough and shortness of breath I had developed. I knew it was a sign of lung damage, and would only get worse the longer I smoked.

· I hated the smell, the embarrassment, and the need. I especially resented the need. Nicotine dependency made me feel weak and helpless.

These were some of the first items I put on my own list of reasons, and it didn't take long to add a long line of other things I hated about smoking as well.

Think about the pros and cons of smoking as you compose your list, and when you're done, make a copy to carry with you. Add to it when more reasons come to mind, and read it when your resolve is at a low ebb. It will quickly help you get your priorites back in order and keep you on track with your quit program. Think of your list of reasons as a cornerstone in the foundation you're building for smoking cessation.