Why Is Metabolism So Important?


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4 Jul 2011
Metabolism is the body's process of turning the calories we consume into energy.

And the time this process takes place is called the metabolic rate. Thus, the metabolism is the rate your body burns calories for fuel and breaks down body fat for fuel.
All individuals are metabolically different, it has been proven that as we age our metabolic rate slows down, and our ability to burn body fat goes down.

Just before we wake up our metabolism is at it's all time lowest.​

As we go through the day, our metabolism gradually increases.​

After dinner (around 7:00pm) it reaches its peak, and starts to level off.​

When we go to sleep, our metabolism slowly decreases until it reaches its slowest point, which is near the time we are about to wake up.​

Even the littlest upward in speed if the metabolic rate can have a great lasting affect on our ability to burn body fat for fuel, instead of storing at as fuel.

Think of our body as having a thermostat you can turn up or down by modifying specific lifestyle factors. Turn the thermostat up and up goes the metabolic rate, and burn body fat at a much faster rate. Turn the thermostat down, to slow down your metabolic rate, and your body will hold onto and store additional body fat.

There are 4 different factors that have been scientifically shown to have a big effect on the metabolism, and we tend not to pay a lot of attention to these simple yet powerfully effective lifestyle factors that can influence our metabolism.

Factor 1
Food: Whats on our plate. We are not in control if:​
We eat whenever we are hungry.​
Eat 3 times a day.​
Regularly skip meals, especially breakfast.​

Factor 2
Weight Training: Pack up the gym bag. We are not in control if:​
We work out only once or twice a week, at best.​
We perform cardio longer than we weight train.​
We regularly skip workouts, especially on 'Leg Day'.​

Factor 3
Cardio Exercise: Sweatshop time. We are not in control if:​
We do cardio only when we feel like it.​
We eat an energy bar before an intense cardio session.​
We perform cardio as long as we possibly can.​

Factor 4
Age: How old are we really? We are not in control if:​
We let time take its toll on our body.​
Age is our excuse for being out of shape.​
We already think we are over the hill​

Here are 6 habits that slow our metabolisms.
  1. Addiction to stress
  2. Sleep deprivation
  3. Overuse of stimulants
  4. Too much sugar (at one sitting)
  5. Alcohol binges
  6. Regular consumption of high fat foods

References: J.C. Henry 'Mechanisms of Changes in Basal Metabolism During Ageing' and Real Solutions. Also paraphrased by me.