Why She's Really Stroking Your Arm


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7 Jun 2011
Have you ever noticed how she loves rubbing your arms when she's asking you a favour, or she's been unusually more affectionate with her caresses lately? Don't be so quick to attribute it to her loving nature; researchers have found that women use their touch to manipulate guys in different ways. Find out how she's been trying to secretly control you all these time.

A Light Hand On The Back

Research from Columbia University in the US found that this gentle caress makes you more likely to gamble or part with your money. Which makes it an especially dangerous tactic if deployed in the handbag department at Takashimaya.

A Brush Of The Arm

Combined with an offhand remark about skirting boards or your mother-in-law’s 5am flight, this one is deadly. A study at the Touch Research Institute in the US found that an arm brush makes you more likely to volunteer your help.

A Stroke Of The Abdomen

If you want to keep things casual, don’t mistake this post-coital gesture for six-pack admiration. Research in the Journal Of The Autonomic Nervous System found that it increases oxytocin in your body, making you more “caring and committedâ€.

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