Wisdom tooth


2 Nov 2011
It is a rather pricey venture, at least this is what 2 of my friends reported who had their wisdom teeth removed. It was quite a procedure and they both resembled teenage mutant ninja turtles...rather uncannily actually. I could not stop laughing at them but they said that it went quick and painless. After a week or so, they were both at work and pain-free.

My one friend, in particular, applied arnica oil to assist with the swelling and pain. It really worked too. Maybe in the meanwhile, you can take tissue salts to build up your teeth from the inside? My dentist who is actually a dental surgeon recommended that I have my old molars extracted and allow the new wisdom to grow in its place. So much cheaper, and now I have the wisdom teeth in its place. Oh, also rinsing with salt water really helps with infections in the mouth.

I hope you can save your teeth and get rod of that pesky infection. All the best...


New Member
11 Nov 2011
I always wonder what long time people used to do because they also had the same problems. Since the knowledge which is available today wasn't there, how did they deal with issues like this one. My guess id if its tooth coming out, it was left lone to do just that. I remember mine, and as much as they were painful, I wasn't taken to no dentist, I was told to take it easy because its part of growing up and soon the tooth was out and the pain gone. I guess today people love themselves too much to go through any pain.


19 Nov 2011
I don't mean to hijack someone else's thread, but might as well ask this - upon extraction of wisdom tooth, is there any changes (even the slightest) to one's appearance? I think I've read somewhere that after it healed and all that when they smile they notice they look different already.