Women spend 5 hours per day gossiping, says survey


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7 Jun 2011
The typical woman spends five hours a day – more than a third of her waking hours – chatting and gossiping, a study has revealed.

Whether at home or work women natter for about 298 minutes every day, it found.

Discussing other people’s problems, who is dating who and other people’s children form the basis of most of the chat.

Office gossip: Women spend up to five hours a day gossiping according to a new study

Other subjects that come up most regularly include sex, shopping and the soaps such as Eastenders or Coronation Street.

The report also found women spend 24 minutes a day discussing their weight, diets and dress size. And one third of women say they spend a chunk of their day discussing what they are eating for lunch, while one quarter regularly exchange recipes.

The survey was commissioned to mark FirstCape Cafi Collection’s search to find Britain’s Queen of Chat. Spokesman Steve Barton said: 'Woman are renowned for their ability to chat and men are fascinated by what they find to talk about when they get together.

'It’s interesting to see a list like this detailing exactly what topics women actually end up talking about that generate that level of buzz, energy and excitement.

'I never would have guessed food would have been such a hot topic. I’m pleased to see complaining about their partners was at the bottom of their list, though.

'It is also interesting to see how the conversation differs between women talking to each other and women talking to their partners.

'And it’s really nice to see that most women are happy to have a quick chat with complete strangers.†Women also like to talk about what cosmetic surgery procedures they would like, what their mother-in-law has said, and which celebrities they fantasise about.

source and full article: Women spend five hours EVERY DAY gossiping, claims study | Mail Online



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15 Aug 2011
“a perverse man stirs up dissension, and a gossip separates close friends”

Proverbs 16:28