Workout buddies @ CCK area - IPPT Go for Gold


4 May 2016
Hi guys,

30M ex-CDO looking to get back in shape and achieve IPPT gold (90 points) this year. Last IPPT I only managed 73 points, so i have 17 points gap to bridge.

Haven't been as active after taking on Daddy duties half year ago so need a buddy as motivated to go for GOLD. I was ex-FF member but terminated about 1 year ago. Willing to re-look at it but don't think its compulsory..

ITE College West @ Teck Whye have decent public accessible 400M track & stadium to train for 2.4KM + sit-ups and push-ups.. and good thing is there is virtually no crowd. Free + no need to queue for machines @ crowded gyms during peak hours. Save the money and spend it on body recovery drinks :)