Workout buddy at AF around Yishun.

Discussion in 'North' started by Farid, 11 Feb 2019.

  1. Farid

    Farid Member


    Looking for a fellow anytime fitness gym buddy at Yishun. Can gym at Northpoint / j9 anytime fitness.
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  2. nov79

    nov79 New Member

    I go to j9 mostly, when do u normally go?
    I am also looking for gym buddy.
  3. Farid

    Farid Member

    Hi bro. I go alternste days at night. Mostly j9, maybe Northpoint on weekends. How about you?
  4. nov79

    nov79 New Member

    Hi Bro,
    1/2 times on weekdays after work and then 1 time on weekends.
    Sometimes at Northpoint.
    Add me on LINE with same id.
  5. Yishunboy

    Yishunboy Member

    What’s ur add ?

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