Zyzz Bodybuilding Bible


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4 Jul 2011
well its pretty basic info, with some bro science stuff.. good for starters.

Anyway some people just want to know the basics without going too in depth into the scientific stuff regarding lifting. this ebook cuts out alot of such info and focus more on what u need to know to get some moderate results. This book does well in that aspect as it leaves out alot of boring science and has a zyzz-like humor tone.

One thing to note is the author is really brief when discussing about exercise techniques. exercises like squats and deadlifts require good form which is hard to fully explain in just a paragraph or two. For more in depth instructions on those exercises, refer to books like Starting Strength, etc. The supplement chapter is also pretty brief and i would say very author opinionated description of the various supplements available in the market. Take those info with a pinch of salt.

Overall i would say its worth a quick read if u are a zyzz fan or a beginner starting out in lifting. The text can be finished in 20-30mins?? really short and quick read.


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7 Jun 2011
I'll say it's worth a read if ure just starting out. It's an easy to read introduction to key concepts.


3 Feb 2013
Honestly, it would not work in this ways. Each of every human being is different and their way to build up their body is also different. If two persons perform same exercise, the result would not be the same.

For more info please, watch out couple of tutorial of Edward Checo.