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March of the New Symptoms of The Second Wave!

Taking Care of Yourself in Pandemic
Our lifestyle has taken a toss in the lockdown. Immunity being the buzzword; let’s strengthen it by eating a healthy diet (rich in vitamin c, protein, and fiber), sleeping long hours, and indulging in physical activities/workouts.
Hello Everybody!

I am trying to sell off my membership from Pure Fitness at Suntec, 5 months membership to transfer.

Location: Suntec City Mall North Wing, 038983
Membership Expiry Date: End of 2021
Fees per month: SGD148.73 per month (including GST)
negotiable for the transfer fee

If you are keen or know someone else who is interested, please send me a private message. 82881165
Many thanks!
I think i saw you the other late afternoon... u were wearing all black... anyways.. i cant do 3pm... gotta work