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I am 49 year old Chinese local guy. Got back into gym last year. I am 173cm tall and 53kg when I started. Now I 66 kg. This year I am going to put on at least another 5kg to 10kg.

Currently working out at “The Loft Gym”. I workout every alternate day.

Looking for a committed gym buddy with similar goals (to put on more mass and muscularity).

I love working out in the gym but could not find a gym buddy at the moment. I hope to workout in Tuesdays and Thursdays... looking for someone, either male or female to assist me in bench presses and other exercises, to motivate me and complete the reps. I'm into PPL and hope to train harder. Cheers.
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Looking for a gym that provides total body workout with fusion of Muay Thai ? Kindly PM me :)

-30 mins workout per session(combination of active cardio & resistance training)
-No booking required
-No schedule time; come in and join the class anytime
-Different workouts everyday
-Trainer to guide throughout the workout
-Shower facilities